About the Podcast:

The Grind is a podcast dedicated to helping small businesses within the field of family medicine succeed and prosper in a time of increased regulation and cost.  Primary Care Medicine has been the collateral damage of our problematic health care system that is controlled by the money interested of the Insurance Industry and Big Pharma.

If you just want to start a community clinic, however, you have seen insurance regulations tighten even as reimbursements fall, and as a result primary care in this country is tightly pinched, and what is suffering is patient care.

How do you build an ethical business where you can genuinely help others, but still make ends meet for yourself and your family?  How do you find success in a system that makes success difficult?  We seek to help answer those questions and more on the podcast.

If you are in the field of Naturopathic Medicine, your business reality is likely even more tenuous.  Your views on patient care run directly counter to the insurance-promoted quick fix model of institutionalized healthcare.  How do you succeed?  How do you promote true healing when the majority of the medical world runs against that grain?  How do you deal with an insurance industry that sees you as a second class citizen compared with the MD community?  Hopefully this podcast can provide resources for you as you strike out into practice, whether you are hanging your own shingle or if you choose to join a larger group.

Your Faithful Co-Hosts:

IMG_0353Jashar Rentz, MEd., is the CEO of Alpine Integrated Medicine in Redmond, Washington. His background is in the field of education, but in the last few years has transitioned to the private sector, specifically the leadership of a multi-disciplinary medical clinic. Since joining AIM, Jashar has begun forging partnerships between AIM and larger organizations such as Bastyr University and the Institute for Natural Medicine.  His current passion is the development of a post-graduate residency model to raise the level of training for all ND graduates.  He is also serving on the leadership board for the Institute for Natural Medicine and actively creating business training seminars for ND Alumni, which are available through Bastyr University or on the Patreon site for patrons.


perfessional-pictureDr. Mohammad Shegeft, ND, is a Naturopathic Physician and the Director of IV Therapy at Alpine Integrated Medicine.  He has experience both in his own private practice and in group practices and draws from his extensive medical and clinical expertise to provide a practitioner’s lens as he delves into business-related topics.

He is passionate about giving back to the ND community, and hopes that this resource can provide a touchstone for both business owners and also practitioners seeking to join an existing business.