Episode 11: Finding Balance in the Chaos

shutterstock_771857203We’re halfway through the year, and we are so happy that you have found this podcast as a source of information on your small business.

In our 11th Episdoe, The Gang comes together to talk about what’s new in the first part of 2018, and to discuss a topic that is important to anyone who works hard at their business: Finding a Sense of Balance!

Episode 11: Finding Balance in the Chaos

Let’s face it…we’re all stressed!

It’s easy to get caught up in the grind of the day to day operations of your business, and even if you have clear goals and a profitable operation, you can still fall victim to…essentially…overworking yourself.  Losing your focus…your sense of what makes you you.

First, Jashar, Dr. Brooke, and Dr. Shegeft share what’s been going on in our business lately, and then get into our main topic.


What are some strategies you can use to find balance in your business and in your life?

  1. Set Boundaries in your life, and don’t apologize for them
  • Work boundaries
  • Kid/Family Boundaries
  • Learn to Say No


  1. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.
  • Related to goal setting…if you have your goals for the year, avoid taking on additional large goals or projects.
  • Focus on completing the ones you have already set for yourself.
  • Celebrate and allow yourself to feel pride when you do accomplish them


  1. shutterstock_319589930Plan ahead, and stick to your plans.
  • Use your calendar as your ally
  • plan way ahead and plan in work time and reminders for yourself.  (example of staff evaluations and pre scheduling)


  1. Find time for yourself.
  • You have to force yourself to make time alone for you to achieve some sort of meditative peace…maybe the spa…maybe nature…maybe just a peaceful bath or low key meal.


  1. shutterstock_132902573Learn to manage stress in healthy ways
  • Eating Habits-plan for health eating and drink water.  Eat organic and avoid the toxins in conventionally grown and gmo foods.
  • Sleep Habits
  • Use of Tech and Screen Time…limit this if it becomes a problem.  Be honest with yourself about your level of tech addiction
  • Exercise…you will have more energy and you will feel better about yourself, because your appearance will be more healthy.


  1. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good
  • Strive for the best you can do, but realize that you will never be perfect, so learn to be proud of putting forth your best effort on something, even when the result is not ideal.
  • Sometimes we can drive ourselves crazy trying to get that last 5%…when really we should be very proud of ourselves for nailing the first 95%.  People sometimes get bogged down over minutiae that adds time, stress, and angst to projects and decisions.
  • Consciously work on this habit of mind…because its one that takes time and effort to cultivate.


That’s our show this month.  That’s right, I said month.  I also want to keep myself sane, and I think the goal of a weekly podcast is just not possible right now.  We want to produce content that is deep, real, and useful, and with that in mind we will be moving to a monthly release of content.


Please share your strategies for finding balance on our facebook page, and in the comments of this post.  We really want to hear what you are up to!!


As always please like, share, and send your comments and questions to tgcastnw@gmail.com!

Until Next time…


Stay on the grind!

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