Episode 10: Reflection and Goal Setting for 2018

Getting back on the Podcast horse this week, Jashar and Dr. Brooke take you through a process of reflecting on your past year, and setting meaningful and measurable goals for 2018.

Episode 10: Reflection and Goal Setting for 2018

shutterstock_412637983Failure to set goals and thereby systematize growth is a prime reason for the failure of an organization, so set yourself up for success by following this process for your own professional goals.

Remember to write them down, make them visible, and check in on them often.  Break down and crystallize the actions you will take each month, or each quarter, to achieve them.  Holding yourself accountable begins with setting the bar for success.

The episode also includes a brief primer on the new tax law, and shares some of the changes we are making at the podcast this year.

What are your goals for this year?  If you share them in the comments and on our Facebook page, studies show you are 26% more likely to achieve them!!

For real though…please like, subscribe, comment, and share!  And until next time…stay on the grind.

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