Episode 9: Losing is Just Part of Winning!

Hello Friends!!

You are here because you value finding those small edges in your business to help lead you to the greatest success.  I thank you for being part of our Podcast community, and think that this week’s episode is really up your alley.

Its more or less a re-framing episode, in that I seek to convince you that Losing is actually just a part of Winning, and Failure is just a part of Success.


Episode 9: Losing is Just a Part of Winning


From Colonel Sanders to Bill Gates, the most successful people understand that our reactions to failure and loss are our best tools to develop long term success.

In this episode, I share three key insights that will help you to better cope with and benefit from your failures.

#1: Losing can teach lessons that lead to success

#2: Losing teaches us the value of Peristence and Resilience

#3: Minimizing your losses is equivalent to winning in the long term

If you understand and apply these three concepts in your own work, I believe that you will have found a tiny edge in your journey to the successful business vision that you possess now.

In the show, Jashar dives deep into each of them, and gives you suggestions to help you get the most out of each, with targeted reflection questions.

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Stay on the Grind!



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