Episode 7: Business Tax Classifications and Tips to Develop Professional Referral Relationships

With bow-tie’s fully in place, and pockets protected, the gang dives tries to answer the question of: How should I structure my business for optimal taxation?

Jashar and Dr. Mohammad give you some pro tips on resources, and take you on a journey of understanding through the various types of business one could open, and what the advantages and disadvantages of each type are.

When should you jettison the Sole Proprietorship and go for that Tax ID?  At what point in your growth or scope of vision does it make sense to form a corporation?  How are LLCs better partnerships and Partnerships?  And what is the difference between a C-Corp and an S-Corp.

As an opener, our hosts also give you a point by point primer on how to develop professional referral relationships in our ongoing series on Marketing.

All this, plus musical interludes, pointed tom-foolery, and a bit of old NES Megaman reminiscing on Episode 7 of The Grind!

Episode 7: Buisness Classifications and a primer on developing professional referrals


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Jashar and Dr. Mohammad

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