Episode 6: Expected Value, Implied Value, and Decision Making in your Business (with a bonus primer on social media marketing)

The value is real this week with the gang diving into two juicy and very useful topics.

First, a primer on improving your Social Media Marketing, with some easy to follow tips to decrease your time and increase your results.  The buffer site we talk about is buffer.com in case you are interested in using it.

shutterstock_147109403Then, our hosts chew on a meaty one (did that come out wrong?) that is so important that it has its own musical interlude:

How do successful people make correct business decisions?  

Specifically, since this is an incredibly broad and deep question, how do we use the concept of Expected Value in business to make optimal choices over time?

Jashar and Dr. Mohammad define Expected Value, which will be an unfamiliar term for much of our audience, and also differentiate it from Implied Value.  Then, they attempt to apply these concepts to more complex business decisions, and see if they can glean any meaningful results.

Spoiler Alert: they do, but you’ll have to listen in to find out the deets.

Episode 6: Expected Value and a Social Media Primer

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