Episode 5: Negotiation Grab Bag!

In Episode 4, our faithful co-hosts shared the strategy and theory of principled negotiation.  It was a good one, and if you haven’t listened to it yet, we recommend you do before plugging this episode into your earbuds.

In this week’s episode, that is very ND/Medical Specific, Jashar and Dr. Mohammad take you step by step through a few special topics related to negotiation, that were too specific to cover in the previous episode.

Episode 5: Negotiation Grab Bag!


  • What is your value as an employee and how do you create a mathematical model to determine it?
  • Should you rent space, argue for a percentage contract, or argue for a salary when going for a job?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of contract for both the business owner and the employee.
  • How do you calculate potential revenue in a way that helps facilitate your goals in a principled negotiation?
  • What should you consider asking for in a negotiation outside of direct salary, and what is the value of those asks? Have you considered things like license fees, malpractice, ce credit, sick time, or vacation?
  • As an employer, how do you calculate potential salary offers to perspective employees?
  • How can a bonus structure be used to reach mutual agreement?

Beyond these specific questions, the gang also reviews and shares a passage from Adam Grant’s book, Originals, that we mentioned last week, and talk about the concept of Vuja De.

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Until next week…

Jashar and Mohammad

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