Episode 4:Become a Better Negotiator

shutterstock_406902424When you enter a negotiation, what is your strategy when things start to go differently than you hoped?  How do you negotiate a fair contract with an employer, or with a potential employee?  What does research tell us about effective techniques in the area of negotiation?


This week, Jashar and Mohammad explore the answers to these questions, give a strategy for improving your negotiation skills, and generally dote over William Ury.


Episode 4: Become a Better Negotiator with Principled Negotiation!


Ury discusses six skills that can elevate your negotiation game:

  1. Separating the people from the problem.
  2. Focusing on interests, not positions.
  3. Managing your emotions.
  4. Expressing appreciation.
  5. Putting a positive spin on your message.
  6. Escape the cycle of action and reaction.

There’s a lot to each of these, and we try to touch on them in some depth and explanation. Each takes practice and focus, but you can get there if you try.  I’m certainly still working on parts of all of them.

William Ury’s book, Getting to Yes, is a must read for anyone who wants to go deeper on these issues (and if you click that link you can buy it for yourself).  Also, we’re happy to go deeper on anything we talked about here on a future episode.

Also, if you want to read Adam Grant’s book we read from today, Originals, you can purchase that on Amazon or through any bookseller.  IF you want to access the article we referenced that discussed the Getting to Yes strategy, it is linked here.

Please sound off in the comments with feedback or questions and if you really find the value in what we are putting out, we invite you to visit our patreon page and become a patron.  We appreciate your support as it helps us to fund the podcast.

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