Episode 3: The Cost of Doing Business

“You want the truth?  You can’t handle the truth!”

Episode 3: The Cost of Doing Business

cost-curveIn this episode, the gang is snowed in!  Literally, a blizzard set in on the Seattle area and everyone has been stranded.  We closed our business for two days, which makes time a little tight given Jashar’s vacay starting on Thursday.

In the end, Jashar rolled solo on this one, but Dr. Mohommad is here in spirit.

An incredibly boring sounding topic made for a deep and rich episode, as Jashar set to work tackling the implications of understanding the true cost of doing business, with the help of two pages worth of show notes.

(as a side note, we will be releasing our show notes for patrons via Patreon at patreon.com/tgcast)

We answer our very first audience question and it’s a good one.  Thanks to Tom in Seattle for a great way to get into the topic of compensation, which of course is quite relevant to cost of DB.

Diving into the main topic, Jashar discusses the wide gap between perception and reality when it comes to cost.  He gives pointers on how to determine real cost of DB, and also explore the useful implications of that knowledge, most notably in principled negotiation with employees.

They also cover room rental rates, and end with several useful tips for reducing cost.

The homework?  Make a cost spreadsheet for your business and in one column, brainstorm ideas to reduce cost for each item, or for as many as are applicable.

Please send your questions, comments, and feedback to us in the comments or to tgcastnw@gmail.com.  Don’t forget to like us on Facebook!



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