Episode 2: Marketing Strategy

In this episode, Jashar and Mohammad get way too granular about how to develop a successful marketing strategy for your business.  If you have questions or comments, please sound off here or on Facebook.  We will try to discuss and answer audience questions in the episodes to come.

The Grind Episode 2: Developing a Marketing Strategy


Our faithful co-hosts take you through every aspect of marketing in this overview of marketing strategy.  This includes marketing before a patient visit, during the visit itself, and post-visit marketing.  We discuss macro issues, pitfalls to avoid, and give some specific tips and ideas to increase your patient load.

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Jashar and Mohammad

Episode 1: Goal Setting

In our very first episode, Jashar and Dr. Mohammad go deep on a fundamental concept in any successful business, the concept of goal setting.


Episode 1: Goal Setting


They give a shout out to Bob Palmer at palmermotivation.com and reflect on a motivational seminar they attended that was put on my Mr. Palmer, and also talk a little about themselves and what inspired them to start this business podcast.

In the main segment, Jashar and Mohammad dive deep into the reasoning behind goal setting and the the process of 1) Honest Reflection, 2) Brainstorming, 3) Clarifying and Refining, and 4) Assessing and Readjusting your goals for personal and business purposes.

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